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A Pa​use 4 The Cause, Inc

"We will help individuals put a Pause on old ways of thinking by providing a new Cause for living."

Admission Criteria

A Pause 4 The Cause, Inc. will accept at-risk individuals living in the state of Ohio who meet the following:

•Unstable housing in family of origin

•Reliving unstable housing situations

•Below the federal poverty level

•High school drop-out


•Criminal justice involvement

•Substance abuse disorder

•Mental health problems 


A Pause 4 The Cause, Inc., will accept referrals from schools, justice departments, court systems, churches, individuals, and all other community organizations. Each individual will complete an assessment to identify strengths, goals, and interest. Based on the results of the assessment, a qualified staff member will make the appropriate recommendation for services.

Referral Form

Youth Development Program

The ROCA’s Theory of Change derived from the ROCA Inc., organization as an effort to target disenfranchised and disengaged youth who were either involved or leading to involvement in the criminal justice system.  

Our participants are preparing to transistion into theit desired interest while staying engaged in reaching their goals and dreams.

Artful Expression consists of: Music, Drama, The Culinary, and Dance.

Prevention Program

The Prevention Programs are structured to guide and assist clients to be the best they can possible be.  Students are expected to develop a sense of self worth, confidence, increased esteem and guidance towards achieving their goals and dreams. A Pause 4 The Cause, Inc.’s clients are empowered and motivated by qualified staff and mentors to assist with creating a new cause for living productive and healthy lives.

Recovery & Peer Support Program

Research has shown that recovery is facilitated by social support as four types, emotional, informational, instrumental, and affiliational. Recovery Community Services Program (RCSP) projects have found these types of support are instrumental in successes of those who suffer substance abuse disorders and help individuals to become and stay engaged in the recovery process and reduce the likelihood of relapse.

Youth Program Phases

Phase One: Transformational Relationships (Intensive Engagement Phase)

•Engagement Activities



Phase Two: Transformational Relationships (Intensive Behavior Change Phase)

Prevocational Training 

•Life Skills Group

•External Training for Field Recognized Certifications

•Connections to Employment & Post Artful Expression

Phase Three: Transformational Relationships (Supporting Sustainment of Outcomes)

•Advanced employment opportunities

•Assistance moving on career pathways

•Education—GED, ESL

•Life Skills/Living Out of Harm’s Way Supports or Artful Expression

Prevention Program Levels 

Level One: Mentoring

The Mentoring Program objective is to provide 12 months of mentorship to individuals by matching their career, occupational and entrepreneurship interests with experienced, professionals who have similar or the same professions.  


Level Two: Healing After Addiction

Healing After Addiction (HAA) is a 12-week course that provides education and support for the individual suffering with substance abuse disorder. The primary goal of HAA is to empower and support the efforts of healthcare organizations, justice department, and the school systems.  

Recovery & Peer Support Phases

Coming Soon!


A Pause 4 The Cause is designed to help our youth and the undeserved through a wide range of evidence-based programs by utilizing best practices for individual transition into self-disciplined parents, productive workers, and community leaders.

What our customers are saying

I'm living in constant fear for my children because of the lack of afterschool programs and community services.   I believe A Pause 4 The Cause will help and make an impact in the process with helping my children identify their fullest potentials and assist them with moving forward in obtaining their life's goals.  

Carmen, Mother of four

“When I graduated from Euclid High School it was one of the most happiest days of my life so far. I say this because I struggled in school a lot growing up. I wasn't always a scholar. Many people doubted my abilities and I worked hard and eventually came to be the student that I am today. I have a lot of people to thank for supporting and encouraging me to do my best. I have dreams of becoming a lawyer and this is what I'm going to do with the help of loved ones support, determination and believing in GOD…. Being in A Pause 4 The Cause has really helped me realize that I'm not just another statistic in this world, and that everyone is special in their own way. This has helped me realize that I am a man and is worthy of being the best I can be.”

Jovante,  18

My mother grew up in a neighborhood surrounded by poverty, violence, and drugs. Unfortunately, I am raising my children in the same environment. I believe A Pause 4 The Cause will help my children and effectively teach them how to learn how to use a world of positive expression through a wide range of services that will build and empower my children’s confidence.

Jackie, Single mother

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