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A Pa​use 4 The Cause, Inc

"We will help individuals put a Pause on old ways of thinking by providing a new Cause for living."

Kimberly Mathis

Executive Director & Founder

Kimberly Mathis is in the process of obtaining a Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in Social Work from Cleveland State University. Kimberly has several years of experience working as a counselor with individuals and families suffering with Substance Abuse Disorders and Mental Health problems. She is well known for playing an intricate role with joining and rejoining families with their loved ones. In addition to her role in family unification, she also has experience as a skilled Crisis Interventionist. Over the past 15 years, Kimberly has given both professional and personal time with helping others transition into new beginnings. During her tenures at Transitional Housing, and Northern Ohio Recovery Association, Kimberly was able to develop skills, which empowered and assisted with the opening of the first Intensive Outpatient Program at Transitional Housing for Women (now known as Front Steps). Her community engagement and passion for the people has brought her to forming a not-for-profit organization, A Pause 4 The Cause, Inc. Kimberly is an active member of the Word Church in Cleveland, OH, as well as a radio personality, “Kickin It With Kim” which addresses social issues as she continues to bring insight towards resolution.  Kimberly, is also a certified Community Health Worker with the MomsFirst Program at NEONHEALTH

About Us

 A Pause 4 The Cause, Inc.,  was started due to the social problems that infiltrate our communities in regards to the many killings and self-destructive behaviors exhibited by our youth. We felt, that gang related crimes and other violent activities occurred because our youth are unable to express themselves through positive venues therefore, as an alternative, these youth acted on negative thoughts through self-destructive behaviors and violent actions. We believe if the youth had alternative ways to express their thoughts, beliefs, and abilities then finding solace and peace within could and would be attained and they would no longer deem it necessary to engage in violence, self-destructive behaviors, and activities. A Pause 4 The Cause, Inc.,  provides positive opportunities and support for our youth and the underserved populations by assisting with funding for education, prevention, and treatment while discovering positive ways to expressions themselves. We believe if our youth started to value their lives, then they could find value in each other’s lives. We believe when a person has the proper tools to do better, they start believing that they can do better.

Our Youth Advisory Committee

"We love empowering our children, so they can empower each other"

Jovante Brown

Youth Committee

Lakeland Community College

Nia Green

Youth Committee

Beford High School

Shareea Green

Youth Committee​

Shaw High School

Brooklyn Mathis

Youth Committee

Pep Day Treatment School

David T Woods

Youth Committee

Urban Community School

Marion McKenney

Youth Committee

Citizens Academy

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